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At Magee, Kim understands the importance of the engagement ring and will be there to offer help and guidance throughout the process of designing the perfect ring. Whether you are  designing for that special someone or the question is already popped and your getting stuck in and designing it yourself. Designing the perfect engagement ring is an exciting process and adds more sentimental value that the ring is just as unique as the person wearing it. 


The best approach is to get in touch with Kim to arrange a consultation but below are a few things you should take into consideration to help aid in the brainstorming and desiging when meeting with Kim.

Kim is a believer that an engagement rings worth comes from the meaning behind it. Deciding on a budget is one of the hardest parts but do decide early as that allows Kim to explore all your options with you. There is no set rule of what one should spend only what feels comfortable for you.


The perfect stone can be found for every budget and Kim can assist you in finding a diamond or other gemstone that balances size and quality at a price that works for you. An idea on what shape of stone you are looking for as well, be it round, princess , oval etc. 


If going for a diamond do get familiar with the four C’s


Precious Metal 

The main choices for engagement ring metals are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or palladium.

The beauty of getting a custom made engagement ring is that it can be designed exactly to your style. Have a think about the classic styles such as solitaire , three stone and halo and how you could incorporate your own flare into a classic or alternatively design something completely different and unique to you.   

To get started on the journey of creating something special simply get in touch with Kim by filling out the form below, email or call 0873246522.


Wedding Rings

Ladies Wedding Rings

A ladies wedding band should complement the engagement ring and not take from it.  The possibilities are endless, be it a simple classic wedding band or a more detailed shaped and stone set band. Kim can help you create the perfect band for your ‘ I do’s’

Gents Wedding Rings

A Mans wedding band is just as important as the ladies and there are plenty of possibilities for the men as well. Mens bands can be classic and understated, created in many different metals,  finishes and textures. If you want a ring outside the box, Kim can help you create something completely different and just for you.

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